Gardening via Groupon

Gardening via Groupon
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Drinks are not included. For the past few years, I’ve been seeing Groupon offers for Paint Nites, where (usually) a bunch of people get together and make a painting with an instructor. At first, they seemed to be singles events, often held in bars, but more recently I have seen them as a “girls night out,” still with drinks, but often at private or nonbar locations. I wanted my magazine’s art critic to attend one to report on it, but he (understandably) refused. They seem harmless enough, though there is a Stepford quality to the end result, as all the paintings are almost exactly the same, at least in the ones I’ve seen on Facebook.

And now there is Plant Nite, which is capitalizing on the terrarium craze. Its slogan: Create a tabletop garden with friends at your favorite local bar. Your nite will bloom. (Not sure what they have against the word night.) From the looks of it, you get a container, some soil, gravel, sand, plants—generally succulents, a trowel, and various items of what might be considered terrarium décor.

I didn’t realize these had been going on in Buffalo until I got a Groupon offer the other week. It seems that the leaders of the painting events have been moving on to planting events. There are some advantages, in that it seems you can get more individuality into the group-created terrariums. There wouldn’t be as much natural pressure to complete the correct imagery in the right colors as there is with a painting. I’d leave off the colored sand if it were me.

I’ve always wanted to do a workshop on bulb forcing, but unfortunately it isn’t as easy to get the finished project. I did host a fall birthday party where we all put together glass containers of tazattas, using a variety of vintage containers and stones, just as something fun to do.

So yeah, plant nite. Will it encourage actual gardening? I am thinking … probably not. But it is, literally, gardening while intoxicated (my neglected blog), so I shouldn’t complain.

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