More Beautiful No-Mow Yards

More Beautiful No-Mow Yards
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As promised in my first post about this book, here are more photos from the book, just a few of my favorites.

Above, the tiny urban back yard of DC Master Gardener Barbara Dinsmore.  Photo by Lucy Dinsmore.

Below, pink muhly grass in a California yard.  Photo by Saxon Holt.

Next, spring-blooming trees in a meadow of fescue at the Olbrich Botanical Garden.  Photo by Jeff Epping.

That’s all the eye candy for today.  Be sure to enter to win the book, or just order it now!  Publication date is February 7.

Posted by

Susan Harris
on January 24, 2012 at 1:15 pm, in the category Lawn Reform.


    • UrsulaV
    • 1st December 2015

    Wow! That DC backyard is spectacular!

    • admin
    • 23rd February 2016

    Been no-mow for 2 decades.

    • Cindy B
    • 10th June 2016

    Susan, congrats on scoring the cover shot! Well-deserved. As for my yard, it is so big that mowing will likely always be part of it. But I’ve chopped it up enough with plantings to make annoy my husband.

    • admin
    • 12th July 2016

    I would LOVE to convince my husband to go no-mow. We’ll have to see what I can do.

    • Jason
    • 28th October 2016

    I am swooning over the meadow at the Olbrich Botanical Garden! Love the species tulips scattered among the grasses. I remember Olbrich from when I lived in Wisconsin – a small but wonderful garden.

    • Jean
    • 4th November 2016

    Going no mow this spring. Need the book for more ideas!

    • beachbird
    • 14th November 2016

    I so wish i could go no mow.

    • admin
    • 15th November 2016

    I encourage many of my clients just to let most of the yard go natural and hire a mower once a year. The wildlife they attract is often incredible!

    • Robin
    • 15th November 2016

    Beautiful, especially Barbara Dinsmore’s garden. I could lose track of time there quickly.

    • Ellen
    • 15th November 2016

    would love this lawn and book

    • Hydro Pros
    • 15th November 2016

    I would die to be able to grow a no-mow. Maybe with some pointed convincing…

    • Marilyn
    • 16th November 2016

    These photos are inspirational.
    I’m three years into transitioning to a
    no-mow yard…a new look in this neighborhood of traditional lawns.
    I would welcome ideas to add to the

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