What Does YOUR Tree Say About YOU?

What Does YOUR Tree Say About YOU?
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We are what we eat, right?

What we wear says a lot about us, doesn’t it?

Basically, everything we put out into the world says something about who we are, and people are reading those cues all of the time. So during this holiday season, I did a thing that says something about who I am and where I am at the moment – I made my own Xmas tree, out of a tomato cage.

What does this say about me?

Sad? Confused? Arty? Poor? This is a FAR cry from the White House trees! But hey, these are tomato cages, so Michelle should approve…

So what did your holiday tree say about you? Was your tree a real tree, or artificial? Did you get it from a lot outside of a mall, or did you go chop it down on your own from a tree farm? Did you decorate it from a collection of cherished heirloom ornaments, or did you create ornaments from popcorn, candy, and other items you had on hand?

Not all of us grew up with the tradition of  Christmas, but many people find it comforting to indulge in the festivities, and they put up a tree to honor the spirit of the holiday season. There have been a couple of years when I didn’t want to put up a tree (for many reasons), but I just couldn’t HELP myself, so I would end up bringing in a branch from a tree or shrub in my garden and decorating that.

Somehow, those small gestures became the most magical ones. I love the memories of my small, Charlie Brownish decorated branch-trees, and I really think my deconstructed tomato cage line-drawing of a tree suits me perfectly right now. It is a symbol of paring things down, questioning things, but still being in the game! Still wanting to celebrate and play!

I’d love to know what did you do this year for a tree, and to get your take on what it says about who you are and where you are in life.

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season – Merry Merry to ALL!!!


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Ivette Soler
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    • susan harris
    • 18th July 2016

    I’m treeless myself. Mostly I blame my 3 cats for my treeless condition – they’d knock it over in a New York minute! Also, I don’t celebrate Christmas. But I AM affected by the cold and dark of winter and so decided to decorate FOR THE WINTER. Went out yesterday and got a bunch of decorations on super-sale and just today hung them. Nothing that screams CHRISTMAS and will look out of place in a week. Mostly natural-looking bits and ornaments depicting animals, which I’ve hung over my kitchen window. They’ve cheered me up already.

    • Ivette Soler
    • 18th September 2016

    Hahahaha! I love it Susan – the AFTER Xmas decorations! Why not? It is the perfect time to celebrate the holidays without feeling like you are bing swept up into the “holidaze”. I think I’m going to copy you next year

    • Kris Peterson
    • 19th September 2016

    I appreciate the simplicity of your tomato cage tree – it still projects the spirit of the season. I’ve only gone tree-less once myself, when we moved into our current house 3 years ago just 8 days before Christmas. My husband would love to abandon the annual tree altogether but I can’t do without the smell and, yes, the nostalgia of dragging out ornaments collected over the years. However, immediately after Christmas I always feel a strong urge to just chuck it out and get onto the new year.

    • Ivette Soler
    • 12th November 2016

    Kris – I have to be honest – I really really missed the smell!!!!

    • Patricia Burrell
    • 13th November 2016

    My Fraser fir came from a big box store. My daughter and I went to pick out the tree. I believe that Christmas trees and decorating have no connection to the birth of Christ. I have a tree each year because of tradition and that’s how I was raised and how I raised my daughter. She knows why we celebrate Christmas. I like live trees but we also have an artificial tree some years because I believe if I’m going to go to the trouble of a tree, lights, and decorating inside and outside the house, it needs to go up early and stay up from the day after Thanksgiving until New Years. A live tree would never live for a month in my house. As houses are in zone 7, our home is warm in the Winter; not exactly the condition for a cut tree. Ornaments used to decorate it are from years of collecting and those given to me by my Mother from my childhood. When my daughter was young we used to string popcorn and make paper rings for the tree. As I grow older and my daughter will one day live in her own home, I may not always have a tree for Christmas. If I do it may be a smaller one. I am also ready for the tree and decorations to come down after New Years as I anticipate Spring and a new gardening season and seed starting inside.

    • Ivette Soler
    • 13th November 2016

    It sounds like you have a lovely tradition, Patricia – from what you say here I can see traditions mean alot to you, and that is wonderful.

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